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About Us

About Us

Our Values

      1. Competence: Possession of a required skill or capacity.
      We are constantly improving our firm through continuing education, gaining knowledge, and utilizing those skills to improve our client’s experience.
      2. Accountable: The state of being answerable.
      We seek to understand our clients’ expectations of us and hold ourselves accountable when we commit to them.
      3. Independent: Not influenced by the thought or action of others.
      Our advice and counsel is independent and objective and is based upon what is in our clients’ best interest.
      4. Trustworthy: Deserving of trust or confidence.
      We want to be the last financial advisor our clients hire because of our relationship with them and their trust and confidence in us.
      5. Golden Rule: A philosophy and guiding principle.
      We treat our clients the same way we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

Our Mission Statement

We are an independent investment advisory firm that creates a unique experience for our clients by helping them achieve complete perspective and ultimately Financial Wellness.


Meet our team

Claude J. Gubler

“I love my profession,” Claude exclaims almost daily to the Periope team as he meets new people and goes through the process of discovering their hopes, desires, and dreams for their financial future—and then working closely with our clients, putting a plan in place to achieve those dreams. Claude J. Gubler is also the founder and owner of Periope, L.C. Claude is a native of St. George, UT. He grew up in sandtown, which is the northwest part of St. George. His dad was a rancher and farmer, so Claude learned the value of hard work and has applied that work ethic that he learned from his dad into building Periope, LC over the last 10 years.

While growing up in St. George, Claude attended and graduated from Dixie High School. After graduating high school, Claude served a 2 year mission in Pusan, Korea, where he learned the Korean language. Upon returning from his mission, he attended and graduated from Dixie College with an Associate of Science degree. He then moved on and studied at Brigham Young University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in the Korean language.

Claude is married to Aimee and has 5 children, Ellie, Hunter, Madison, Brynlee and Ava. They live in the beautiful town of Santa Clara. Claude enjoys the outdoors. In the summer, he loves being on the lake with his family and friends. And during the fall, you will find him out in the hills hunting or fishing. He also enjoys working out and running. Claude is a member of the Southern Utah Chapter of Safari Club International where he serves as the Pathfinder chairman. Each year, he is privileged to take a young hunter that has a life threatening disease or illness on an once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

Mindi Kickbush

Mindi grew up in St. George, UT. and graduated from Pineview High School. She attended DSU before getting married and starting a family. She is married to the love of her life, Adam, and together they have six children, two girls and four boys, one son-in-law and two beautiful grand-babies, one girl and one boy. Her family means everything to her and they always come first.

She has been working at Periope, L.C. since April 2016 and is the office manager. She has always been interested in learning the ropes of investing and is so happy to be working with and learning from an amazing boss like Claude. She is a people person and loves interacting with and getting to know all of the clients, as well as being able to work in a fun environment with great co-workers.

Mindi enjoys spending time and making memories with her family. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, anything to do with sunshine and water, nature, taking pictures, helping others, positive energy, working out, be organized and learning and bettering herself.

TeriLyn Baker

TeriLyn grew up in Blanding, UT. and graduated from San Juan High School. She spent the summer after graduation in gorgeous St. George and always dreamed of returning to raise her family under the Dixie sun! She attended Weber State University, met and married her husband, Jared, and settled in the St. George suburb of Santa Clara. She has four children, two girls and two boys; they are her greatest joy and accomplishment.

She is the Operations Manager at Periope, L.C. and loves helping our clients with their financial needs. TeriLyn has been with the company since 2016 and enjoys working with the team and with Claude as we strive for happy and successful clients! She loves the feeling of “family” that we have in the office and with our clients!

In her free time, TeriLyn enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children more than anything else! She also loves boating, camping, playing volleyball, doing yoga and Pilates, doing jigsaw puzzles, movies and reading. She loves to travel and always has one foot out the door ready to go on an adventure!

Stockton Meyer

Stockton grew up in Riverton, UT and graduated from Uintah High school in Vernal, Utah. He then went to Canada for an LDS Mission for 2 years. After his mission he spent some time at UVU in Orem and then transferred to Dixie State University where he is working on completing his accounting degree.

He is the Director of Marketing at Periope, L.C. and enjoys creating the content that is sent to clients every month. He also loves to help plan the events at Periope and meet the Clients there. He is glad to work at a place that interacts with what he is learning in school, and learning real life experiences with mentors like Claude, Mindi, and TeriLyn.

Stockton enjoys anything that has to do with physical activity. Boating, hiking, climbing, sports, especially basketball. He loves to travel when he can, and meet new people of different backgrounds. He really enjoys the world of fitness and bodybuilding and spends a lot of his time promoting it through social media like Instagram.